Krystin is often found hitting the dance floors of our local Nashville Honky Tonks. As a swing dance instructor Nashville’s live music scene is ideal, and she enjoys the welcoming environment you’ll find with the dancers and musicians in our town. She is also an actress and has worked on the shows Nashville and Still the King. You might even spot her here and there. She’s been living in Nashville for 22 years, so while she isn’t a Nashville Native, she’s been here long enough to have seen the growth and changes. She has an appreciation for the older Nashville spots and the rich history of this city. She’s always had an interest in travel herself, and she has always thought being a tour guide would be an ideal job. She’s excited to share her city with you! Join her on a tour. 



Christine's favorite thing is showing people around her wonderful city of Nashville.  In 2015 she was hired as a tour guide, and absolutely fell in love with the tourism business.  For the first time she was able to merge her outgoing personality, with her love of food, and her passion for Nashville and it's thriving community.  It is a far cry from her background as an engineer, but she couldn't imagine doing anything else.  Christine moved to Nashville in 2011 as a Senior Engineer for a local manufacturing plant, but even after the job left, she decided to stay.  Not only had she met her husband Jack, but she had become a part of the community.  Needless to say, Nashville stole her heart and still has it to this day.  She has shown over a thousand people around Nashville, and hopes that you're next!