Our Favorite Downtown Nashville Rooftop Bars for Fall

Autumn in Nashville has always been my favorite season. Between the crisp chill of the morning air, the satisfying crunch of fallen leaves under foot, the roar of the crowd at Nissan stadium when the Titans score a touchdown, and the electric energy in this city as it settles into its post-summer rhythm, it’s tough to find a better time of year to be in Nashville. 

And although the onslaught of chilly weather strikes fear into the hearts of summer-lovers near and far, the truth is that the lines between summer and fall are quite blurry here in Music City. What might be a hot and humid scorcher one day, could turn into a breezy, chilly, 65 degree afternoon the next. So how do we locals deal with Nashville’s admittedly schizophrenic weather patterns during this time of year? 

We spend as much time as we can outside — specifically, on a rooftop! Hard as it may be to believe right now, we know that winter is inevitably coming, so we ought to soak up as much sun and fall fun as we can while the going is still good.

Keep reading for our Five Favorite Downtown Nashville Rooftop Bars to hit up during this glorious Fall weather…



1. Rare Bird

True to its name, Rare Bird just that. An airy rooftop oasis in downtown Nashville, this rooftop is one of our favorite spots to feel a little fancy. Located on the top floor of the Noelle Hotel, just one block north of Broadway on the corner of Church and 4th, it’s far enough from the commotion of the neon-lit strip to feel your blood pressure even out, but still close enough to Broadway to feel in on the action.

Featuring chic and playful patio furniture, a stylish and sleek bar, as well as stunning views of downtown Nashville, you’ll take just one step into Rare Bird and instantly feel like an Instagram influencer. With both a covered portion and an open air outdoor deck, Rare Bird is equally suited for an evening watching the sun set, a night spent underneath the stars, or a hot and sunny afternoon smack in the middle of a heat wave! Grab a craft cocktail or a frozen drink to cool off, and quell your hunger with a light bite or snack.

Psst - I’m partial to the Pimento Cheese!

Photo courtesy:   Acme Feed & Seed

Photo courtesy: Acme Feed & Seed

2. Acme Feed & Seed

If you asked me, Acme Feed & Seed is a true downtown Nashville gem. Once an old feed store (hence the name), the massive structure that still sits on the corner of Broadway and 1st is now home to four levels of fun and entertainment. Featuring live music, a wide variety of food, a handful of high-volume bars, and the best rooftop view in downtown Nashville (it’s the only bar with a clear view of both the Cumberland River and Broadway) this place is always rockin’. It’s a hot spot for watching college football on Saturdays, and come Sunday it’s chock-full with Titans fans.

Possibly most importantly, it’s the best place to eat in downtown Nashville — in my opinion, at least. While the main floor offers twists on southern classics like Redneck Lo Mein and a gorgonzola-laced meatloaf, the second floor features sushi, with fish that’s flown in fresh daily. Want to get a taste of what Acme has to offer? Click the button below to book tour with us!

3. The Bobby Hotel Rooftop Lounge

Just a hop, skip and jump from Rare Bird, the Bobby Hotel is similarly chic. What’s more, it’s particularly attractive to Nashville’s omnipresent bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and photo-ready influencers. More than just a place to purchase an expertly-crafted cocktail, the Bobby Hotel has taken the bull by the horns when it comes to beautiful photo opportunities. They put an entire 1956 Scenicruiser (that’s a bus) on the roof. The furniture features beach-style cabanas and cozy fire pits.  And last January, they managed to get people to enjoy their then-frigid rooftop from the comfort of illuminated igloos. Hats off to that.

For private groups, cabanas are available for rent — a stylish and comfortable home base if your crew wants a place to relax — and the bar serves up a variety of beer, wine, cocktails and bites.

Photo courtesy:   NFocus Magazine

Photo courtesy: NFocus Magazine

4. Downtown Sporting Club

Remember back in your college days when you and your buddies would pull your tattered old couch onto the back porch, drag your big screen television out there with you, and somehow manage to extend the cable cord far enough to watch your team’s big game...while you caught a tan? Downtown Sporting Club is kind of like that, but better. 

If you’re looking for the best bar in downtown Nashville to watch football, hockey, or really, any type of sport in the whole entire universe, this place has you covered. The four-story building is composed of a mashup of different concepts (such the second floor sports bar, and the minimal-chic hotel rooms that inhabit the entire third floor) but we’re especially partial to the rooftop bar that overlooks Broadway. 

With bright-green astroturf under foot, comfortable and trendy patio furniture, plenty of shade, and a half-dozen TVs specifically intended to show the big game, sports fans receive the service and ambiance they want from a scene-y bar, with the laid back vibes they get while watching the game from home. Featuring Capri-Sun style “Punch Pouches,” plus a menu of cocktails, frozen drinks, and almost two-dozen beers, you’re sure to score at this rooftop oasis.

5. The George Jones 

A hidden gem nestled right in the middle of 2nd Avenue, The George Jones is one of my favorite rooftop hangs in downtown Nashville. With an abundance of space, a clear view of the Cumberland River, and an incredibly long bar (meaning easier access to bartenders and drinks!) I could stay here all afternoon… Or heck, at least for the entirety of a football game! The space also boasts tons of TV’s and a view of Nissan Stadium to boot, making it a killer spot for watching sports downtown. 

Named after one of Nashville’s country music legends, it’s no surprise that live music is a staple at The George Jones rooftop. Live music begins at 8pm every Friday and Saturday night, and lasts well into the night. We love the pulled pork and smoke brisket available on their Smokehouse menu and love it even more after knocking back a couple shots of apple pie moonshine. Hey, when in as George Jones would!